Testimonials from the Community

Testimonials from the Community


John Bonnard, Businessman, cat lover and animal shelter rescuer

Happy Yappers, an Animal Shelter, South Africa

"These cats were diagnosed FeLV+ and FIV+ on different dates between about one and three years ago.  To prevent other cats in the sanctuary from being infected, the FeLV+ cats were immediately taken out of enclosure and brought down to live in my office and in my house where all my own cats have been vaccinated against the virus.  As I said, they have now been on RetroMAD1TM for 10 months, before that, some of them were on an immune booster called Birm – a plant extract that comes from Ecuador.  I was told about Birm by a young lady living in Ecuador in early 2017 – she has been giving it to her cat which survives to this day in reasonably good health.  I discontinued Birm both because I was having problems obtaining it, but also because one of the cats on it suddenly deteriorated and dies, although I have an idea that he may have been suffering from something else in addition to FeLV.  I tried everything to save him, including a blood transfusion, but it was all in vain.  Mark was such a special Boy – our vet Adele said that he was the sweetest and most gentle cat that she ever had in her hospital.

The fact that all the above cats are alive, eating well (except for Bobby, which is understandable in view of his deficient kidneys) and enjoying life shows that RetroMAD1TM is highly effective."

FIV Therapy Group


“Several members of the group are currently using RetroMAD1TM, a new antiviral drug, on their FIV+ or FeLV+ cats.  A couple of months ago, Zebib forward a copy of the first scientific study on RetroMAD1TM-treated FeLV+ cats.  Joel has recently published in his fivtherapy website a beautiful review of this paper:  http:www.fivtherapy.com/fiv_news.htm.

Joel wrote: “The design of and reportage on the study are more satisfactory than not, and the reported results were hearteningly positive.” And he concluded: “Ay any rate, owners with feline leukemic cats should take note and file these results away for future decisions.  Owners of cats with FIV would be justified in thinking that this study has provided them with valuable information as well.”

Dana R., Owner

Ralphie’s Retreat, Maine, USA

“RetroMAD1TM is what has helped my FIV/FeLV+ male cat keep going. He was at the shelter for 2 years and was exposed to 7 or 8 cats with FeLV then. He now eats well and has a good energy level.”

James S., Owner of a female cat suffering from FeLV & FIV


"RetroMAD1TM works on even the most extreme cases that veterinarians would deem hopeless. There is no doubt in my mind after reading all the blood work results and witnessing the amazing physical transformation in my cat’s health, RetroMAD1TM is the safest, most effective treatment for retroviruses currently available anywhere in the world."

Eva C., Owner of a female cat suffering from FIV


"There is clear improvement across the board when compared to her last test. Ronya is much more active, her anemia has ceased as far as we can tell, her appearance is much improved. We are extremely grateful that RetroMAD1TM was available because we are sure that it has been responsible for improving her situation."

Brandy N., Owner of a male cat suffering from FHV


"My cat Gus has a great appetite and has gained 4lbs, the coat is shiny and healthy. He has the energy and loves to play now. He had Uveitis when I found him and was prescribed prednisolone. The medication had no effect until I started RetroMAD1TM. Gus’ eyes are now clear with no edema!"


Mimi L., Owner of a female cat suffering from FIV,

Denmark (Jul 2020)

“I just had my cat, Hope, tested and am forwarding the results to you. I've included the viral load from 2018 as well for comparing. Over all everything looks good. In June 2017, the FIV viral load in her blood was high at 147,000 unit. In July 2020 [after 90 days of using RetroMAD1 daily as prescribed], the FIV viral load in her blood has dropped 100 times to 6,510 units.”

Dr Alina M., Veterinarian

Romania (Sep 2020)

“I had a lot of good results with retromad in cat FIV treatment… Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you!”

Amalina A., Owner of a male cat suffering from FIP

Malaysia (Aug 2020)

“He is getting so much better and since last week I let him play & eat with other cats and I can see he has so much appetite. Not sure if I made the right decision by letting him play with other cats but I think he is much better in appetite compared to putting him in one room alone. He keeps moving around the house. So much better.”

Philip M., Owner of a female cat suffering from FIP

USA (Sep 2020)

“Extremely pleased with the early results on 2 of my 11 cats I'm using RetroMAD1 on.  A rescue I volunteer for just had a 2-year old cat just diagnosed with FIP.  I've started that cat on RetroMAD1. As I mentioned in my email last week, I started treating a rescued cat with RetroMAD1 for FIP. He was 3.3kg and has been getting 1ml, three times a day, for the last 8 days. Weight gain to 3.6kg, eating great, has good bladder and bowel movements, and has been active for the last 5 days.”

Ms Madalina B., Owner of cat rescue-shelter

Romania (Aug 2020)

“…I believe in your product. I think for example that parvo virus which cause panleukopenia [in cats] made same mutations in the last 2 years. This year all 24 kittens rescued from the street was sick with panleukopenia, despite the fact that they were vaccinated with 1 or 2 vaccines. 6 of the kittens died at the vet despite the fact that they received all necessary treatments. After this I’ve received from a friend half of the bottle of RetroMAD1 and all remaining 18 kittens was cured, only 3 need perfusions at vet with vitamins and antibiotics. I really believe in your product.”