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It all started in the Spring of 2013 when our scientists stumbled upon a group of veterinarians in Malaysia and Singapore who were facing challenges in treating Feline Leukemia (FeLV), Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and Canine Parvovirosis (CPV2). These innovative veterinarians decided to use RetroMAD1TM as an experimental therapeutic and found early success in saving many lives. Independently, our scientists conducted in vitro assays and found that RetroMAD1TM could indeed inhibit the infection and growth of these viruses in susceptible cell cultures. Pre-clinical studies were also conducted to show RetroMAD1TM’s good safety profile in very high doses, long-term use and in pregnant animals. This led us to formalize animal trials in 2014 with universities.

The first trial was conducted in 2014 under the supervision of the veterinary faculty at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on FeLV-infected cats. There was widespread interest in Brazil to find a cure in treating FeLV because the prevalence rate was 25% and the country was encountering a more virulent form of FeLV than in South East Asia. The trial concluded successfully demonstrating RetroMAD1TM’s ability to improve survival rate from near zero to more than 70% and extend the quality of life of surviving cats by more than 2.5 times. The results were reported in the veterinary journal and were picked up by a few prominent feline communities and self-help groups. This led to cat owners and cat shelters worldwide enquiring about RetroMAD1TM and started using it with success.

The second trial was conducted in 2014 by a veterinarian at the University of Araneta, the Philippines, as part of his thesis on CPV2 in puppies. The results and conclusion published in his thesis claimed that RetroMAD1TM was able to improve the survivability of CPV2-infected puppies (having already been vaccinated against CPV2) under hospitalization from 30% to 80% and shorten the disease from 8 – 10 days to 6 – 8 days. Veterinarians in Malaysia and Singapore found similar successes.

In 2017, a third trial was conducted by the Chinese animal health company, Pulike Biological Engineering Co., on minks that were naturally infected and dying from a severe form of CDV despite being vaccinated against the disease. They reported that RetroMAD1TM improved the survivability of the infected minks from zero to >70%, thereby saving the mink farm from bankruptcy.

Today, our mission is clearly to save lives by applying recent advancements in recombinant proteomics on infectious diseases that have no cure today.

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