What is the packaging of RetroMAD1TM?

RetroMAD1TM comes in a sterile clear aqueous solution containing 4 milligram (mg) per millilitre (mL) of the active principal ingredient. RetroMAD1TM comes in 2 bottle sizes: 15mL and 50mL.

The packaging is one box contains either 6 bottles of 15mL each or 2 bottles of 50mL each.

Where can I buy RetroMAD1TM?

If today there is no distributor in your country, you can go to the Order page, click No, I am a New Buyer and fill in a simple form that will take you less than 5 minutes. Our customer service will contact you within 2 working days.

Where is RetroMAD1TM manufactured?

RetroMAD1TM is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices approved by the relevant Malaysian regulatory authority.

If I am a pet owner, how will RetroMAD1TM be delivered to me?

Once payment is made by PayPal, we use international courier services like FedEx, TNT or DHL to deliver RetroMAD1TM to the address you indicate in your email to us. For ease of going through Customs in your country, we prefer to deliver RetroMAD1TM to the clinic of your attending veterinarian. Please note that courier services do not deliver to a post box address.

At all times, there will be customer service at hand to answer your consignment in transit via email.

Why is RetroMAD1TM not available in my country?

RetroMAD1TM is a medical product. It will take time to get regulatory approval for RetroMAD1TM to be commercially available in your country.

Meanwhile, we are looking at the possibility of registering it simply as an oral health supplement for pets to bring RetroMAD1TM to pet owners as quickly as possible. We are mindful of the wellbeing of your pet.

Fortunately, in most countries, Customs allow the import of small amounts of RetroMAD1TM for personal use and not for resale. We have the pre-requisite export documentation that will allow RetroMAD1TM to be imported in most countries.

How long will it take for me to receive my order of RetroMAD1TM?

Once payment is received, we will contact you to inform you of an estimated date of departure (ETD) from our manufacturing site. Under normal circumstances, e.g. outside of the current COVID-19 pandemic, you should receive your order within 5 working days from the time we inform you of the ETD.

We will forward you all pertinent information regarding your order, e.g. name of courier service, consignment note/tracking number and commercial invoice.

Again, our customer service will be with you all the way.

If I have any further enquiries or in need of assistance, who do I contact?

As we are a small company, we are currently accessible via email at pets@RetroMAD1.com. We are located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As the time zone is GMT+8, we apologize in advance if we cannot reply to you immediately.

What are the diseases that RetroMAD1TM can treat?

Today, RetroMAD1TM is successfully treating the following diseases: Feline Leukemia (FeLV), Feline Immunodeficiency Syndrome (FIV), Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), Canine Parvovirosis (CPV2) and Canine Distemper (CDV).

Like all therapy, successful outcomes vary on several factors:

1.  The severity of the clinical signs and blood parameters at the moment of initiating treatment regimen;
2.  The level of supervision of your pet and timely intervention of your veterinarian;
3.  The compliance of your pet to the treatment regimen.

Can RetroMAD1TM be used as a standalone treatment?

The simple answer is “No”. Like all infectious diseases, therapies are multi-pronged, especially so for viral diseases that require veterinary intervention to reduce suffering or death. Before the advent of RetroMAD1TM, veterinarians have at their disposal an array of symptomatic therapy, pain management, and palliative care to alleviate the suffering of your pet diagnosed with a viral disease, and at times enabling your pet to recover.

With RetroMAD1TM now available, you and your veterinarian have a specific and powerful tool to kill the virus in your pet (we call this antidotal therapy as opposed to symptomatic therapy) while still maintaining the symptomatic therapy and palliative care. This allows a markedly higher chance of survivability, faster recovery and better quality of life for your pet.

Is RetroMAD1TM compatible with other therapies?

RetroMAD1TM is compatible with standard symptomatic treatment drugs like antiemetic, antipyretic, prednisolone and other anti-inflammatory drugs, T-cytes and interferon omega; and palliative care products like saline solution drips, vitamins, liver-protecting agents, immune-boosting tonics and nutraceuticals. What RetroMAD1TM can help your pet is to increase the chance of survival from the disease, faster recovery and better quality of life.

If you are in doubt, please email our customer service at pets@RetroMAD1.com for advice and name the drugs you are using.

What is the treatment regimen of RetroMAD1TM?

The treatment regimen will vary from the type of disease from which your pet is suffering and the severity of the clinical signs and blood parameters. For general guidelines on treatment regimens, you can go to Our Solutions and click either Feline Viruses or Canine Viruses to find out more.

Unlike other antiviral therapeutics for pets, RetroMAD1TM is given orally. This ensures better pet owner compliance. Home treatment is greatly encouraged as your pet will be in familiar surroundings. It is an aqueous solution and does not require huge volumes to be given orally. This further ensures better compliance with your pet.

How much does RetroMAD1TM cost?

Treatment costs vary on the type of viral disease from which your pet is suffering and the severity of the disease.

The customer service or the company’s veterinarian will explain the treatment regimen via email and will work you through the dose required each day. From the treatment regimen, you will be able to fully understand the treatment cost for your pet.

Do I require special handling and storage of RetroMAD1TM?

All shipment comes with the product insert (you can also download a PDF copy from Resources) to ensure proper storage and handling of RetroMAD1TM.

RetroMAD1TM is a sterile, clear aqueous solution hermetically sealed in a glass bottle to prevent it from extraneous contamination. In its sealed, unopened bottle, RetroMAD1TM can be stored at room temperature away from sunlight and heat source. RetroMAD1TM does not contain any preservative and so must be handled in a hygienic manner.

When opened, we recommend making sure the mouth of the bottle is wiped with a clean, single-use cloth before placing the rubber stopper back. Once opened, the remaining liquid should be stored in a refrigerator but do NOT freeze.

Always use a clean syringe to aspirate the amount of RetroMAD1TM required. Wash the syringe thoroughly and wipe dry to prevent bacterial contamination.

What if my pet refuses to drink RetroMAD1TM?
Although the volume used is small, RetroMAD1TM is somewhat bitter-tasting due to the alkaline pH of the aqueous solution. If your pet refuses to drink RetroMAD1TM, mix RetroMAD1TM in the syringe (not in the bottle!) with glucose syrup. Wash the syringe thoroughly and wipe dry to prevent bacterial contamination.

Why is RetroMAD1TM not working on my pet?

Like all therapies, a successful outcome or recovery is not always 100% despite everyone’s best intention to save your pet. There are several factors that can result in an unsuccessful recovery:

1.  Your pet is at the terminal stage of the disease;
2.  The viral load is too massive and the dose given does not commensurate with the viral load;
3.  The immune system is too badly damaged;
4.  The virus is no more the cause of clinical signs and poor blood parameters. The clinical signs and poor blood parameters are primarily due to the irreversible damage of the organs. In some viral diseases like FIP or COVID-19, the immune system goes into an uncontrolled overdrive, e.g. massive systemic inflammation, that causes a total shutdown of the body.

What RetroMAD1TM is NOT?

RetroMAD1TM is not a vaccine. A vaccine is used in healthy pets to prevent them from getting the disease that the vaccine targets. RetroMAD1TM is to treat against disease and is used in sick pets.

RetroMAD1TM is not an antibiotic. Antibiotics only kill bacteria and not viruses. RetroMAD1TM is an antiviral. It is designed to kill viruses.

RetroMAD1TM is not an anthelmintic and does not kill internal parasites like roundworms and hookworms.

What is the concentration of RetroMAD1TM in the bottles I receive?

The concentration of the active principle ingredient or API called RetroMAD1TM is 4 milligram (mg) per millilitre (mL) of an aqueous solution. Hence a 15mL bottle and a 50mL bottle will contain 60 mg and 200 mg of the active principle ingredient, respectively.

How does RetroMAD1TM work?

RetroMAD1TM is first absorbed in the intestine and reaches its peak in the blood around 1 hour after an oral administration. It lasts for about 2.5 – 3.0 hours in the blood. RetroMAD1TM enters the cells of the body, kills the virus and prevents its spread in a 3-prong attack on the virus:

  • Firstly, it prevents the virus from latching on to the membrane of the cells. If the virus cannot latch itself on to the cells, it cannot enter the cells and will eventually be eliminated by the body’s immune system;
  • Secondly, those that evaded the first attack and manage to enter the cell will be stopped from replicating itself. RetroMAD1TM blocks key viral enzymes that make new viruses. The cell’s own enzymes, called lysozymes, eliminate this non-functioning, foreign bodies;
  • Finally, if some viruses are replicated in the cells, RetroMAD1TM stops these viruses from fusing with the cell membrane. These “naked” viruses found in the blood but cannot invade other cells. They are then eliminated by the body’s immune system.

Do viruses develop resistance to RetroMAD1TM?

It is difficult for viruses to develop any resistance as RetroMAD1TM attacks a virus at 3 different and distinct levels of viral infection and replication. It will take a million mutations to make any virus that is susceptible to RetroMAD1TM  to become resistant to it.

Can I use RetroMAD1TM as a prophylaxis, and if so under what conditions?

It is highly advisable to deploy RetroMAD1TM in a metaphylactic approach to prevent the spread of a fatal viral disease in a closed community like Canine Parvovirosis (CPV2) and Canine Distemper (CDV), e.g. in a litter, a shelter or a breeding kennel. Fatal viral diseases like CPV2 and CDV are highly contagious. Despite good disinfection programmes and isolation management, these viruses only need a small load to infect other dogs in a closed community. As more dogs get infected, the viral load increases to a point that even immunized dogs succumbed to the disease, especially under stressful conditions.

RetroMAD1TM has been shown to reduce the viral load of CPV2 in the faeces of sick puppies, significantly. In faecal swabs of puppies that were sick with CPV2, viral load in the faeces of RetroMAD1TM-treated puppies was reduced by 72% and 90% on 2nd day and 3rd day of treatment respectively.

In cat shelters with known FeLV cases, shelter owners have used RetroMAD1TM successfully to control its spread to other cats.

If you have a household of dogs or cats, and if one of them comes down with a viral disease treatable with RetroMAD1TM, it is advisable to treat the other healthy dogs or cats with RetroMAD1TM as a precautionary measure to your standard disinfection practices and separation management of healthy and sick dogs or cats.

Can RetroMAD1TM be used as an immune-modulator?

Although RetroMAD1TM is designed as an antiviral therapeutic, 2 of its peptide domains have immune-modulatory activity. Unfortunately, we did not research further into whether RetroMAD1TM has immune-modulatory activity, the focus was to find a cure for some of the medically important viral diseases affecting animals and humans.

Fortunately, RetroMAD1TM is compatible with the use of immune-modulatory products like T-cytes, interferon omega, and BIRM.

If you still cannot find the answers you are looking for, please email your questions to us at pets@retromad1.com. We endeavour to answer you within 2 working days. Alternatively, be part of our community where other pet owners who have experience in using RetroMAD1TM could provide you the answers you are looking for. Thank you and keep safe!