How Can RetroMAD1TM Help?

RetroMAD1 is a novel proprietary recombinant protein that is shown to have immune modulatory activity in pets.  It is designed and bio-synthesized from 3 different peptides that occur naturally as immune modulators in animals and edible herbs.  The key principal peptide, MAP30, is bio-synthesized from the genes of the seed of the bitter melon.  MAP30 has been scientifically proven to be a powerful immune modulator by up-regulating lymphocytes and down-regulating inflammatory processes in sick animals.

By fusing MAP30 with 2 other peptides that are naturally produced by the immune system of animals allowed the novel protein, RetroMAD1, to have unique benefits that MAP30 alone does not have.  These unique benefits have been confirmed by our pre-clinical studies:

  1. RetroMAD1 resists digestion in the gut and appears in the blood within 1 - 1.5 hour after oral administration and maintains in the blood for 4 - 6 hours;
  2. RetroMAD1 penetrates the cells where it exerts its beneficial effects;
  3. RetroMAD1 withstands temperatures up to 40ºC without being denatured.