Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before proceeding to the payment page.

  1. I have read the information provided on the website and am solely responsible for my decision to use RetroMAD1TM for my pet.
  2. I am fully aware that RetroMAD1TM is presently not registered in my country and Biovalence Technologies Pte Ltd and its subsidiary Biovalence Sdn Bhd cannot, therefore, be held responsible for any harm, disablement, health deterioration or death of the animal that results from consumption of the drug.
  3. I am aware that while delivery has been successful in nearly all cases, there is a small and ever-present risk that shipping failure could occur (eg. permanent package confiscation by customs), and in such cases, Biovalence cannot be held responsible/liable. In this worst possible outcome, I accept bearing the full cost once again should I wish for a re-shipment of RetroMAD1TM.
  4. I will be responsible for any import tax and duty that may be imposed on the shipment.
  5. I acknowledge that the RetroMAD1TM I purchased is strictly for my personal use only and for the prescribed indication alone. Finally, I understand that any owner-disclosed information will be kept confidential and used only for the purpose of data collection.
  6. I agree that once payment has been made, no refund will be issued under any circumstances.